An analysis of the music industry arts program

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Appalachian State University

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Music Industry Arts

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Now a tenured Diversity Professor in the USC Chemists program, he is also an unkempt speaker and evangelist for indie applicants. Program Description. The Bachelor of Arts in Music option in Music Industry Studies (MIS) prepares students for executive and administrative careers in the music industry (entrance audition required).

School of Music. The School of Music at Azusa Pacific University is housed in the College of the innovative arts community, grounded in the Christian faith, is dedicated to preparing students to excel as talented music professionals.

Centennial College's Music Industry Arts and Performance (MIAP) program turns your passion for popular, world or indigenous music into an exciting and lasting career in a wide range of fields relating to music.

School of Music

Find Your Path. Enroll in a certificate or specialization program, or choose a single course from more than areas of study. Music is integrated into general studies courses, and the liberal arts are integrated into music courses throughout the degree program.

Detroit Institute of Music Education is a music institute that is custom built for serious musicians who desire a long-term, professional career in commercial music. An Economic Analysis of the U.S. Recorded Music Industry Abstract: Paper presented at Second Annual International Conference on Cultural Economics and Planning, sponsored by the Association for Cultural Economics, Mastricht, Holland, May ,

An analysis of the music industry arts program
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