Columbian exchange ccot

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massive demographic changes in Americas resulted in new ethnic and racial classifications (mestizo, mulatto, Creole) Spain’s sponsorship of Columbian voyages begins Euro migration to Americas, Columbian Exchange, epidemic disease of Amerindians Euro colonization of Americas introduced new crops (such as sugar) and.

CCOT Impact of Islam, Describe and analyze the cultural, economic, and political Columbian Exchange on the Americas with the Columbian Exchange’s demographic and environmental effects on ONE of the following regions between and Africa Asia Europe.

Stewart AP World History Syllabus Students will learn how to write the CCOT essay.

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The first CCOT essay will be an analysis of the Illustrate the Columbian Exchange Draw/create reenactment of Native/European encounter Illustrated Glossary: Globalization, mercantilism, colonialism, Enlightenment. The Columbian Exchange, which started mostly after when Columbus traveled from the Old World to the New World, can be defined as the time when various items such as plants, technologies and food were carried from the New World to the Old, and vice-versa.

Continuities Triangular Trade - network of trade routes connecting Americas, Europe and Africa Plantations Multiracial Society - stratification based on race take 5 minutes to plan brainstorm & organize by: jot down everything you know about this area during the period.

Pick the. LEQ 6 (CCOT) Columbian Exchange Unit V Materials Unit V Reading & Pacing Guide LEQ 7 (Comparison) Age of Exploration Revolutionary Documents Unit VI Materials Unit VI Reading and Pacing Guide Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Columbian exchange ccot
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