How to improve our town

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25 Tips for Making Your Neighborhood Better

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Four steps to improve our cities

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Prudhoe Community Partnership is a long-established and entirely community-led regeneration charity based in Prudhoe, Northumberland. Prudhoe Community Partnership aims to help the town to continue to be a friendly, vibrant and enterprising community for its residents, businesses and visitors.

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Our Town "Our Town", by Thornton Wilder, written inwas first performed at the McCarter theatre, New Jersey, on the 22nd of January It is an example of meta theatre, and chronicles the lives of ordinary, everyday people, during their ordinary, everyday lives.

25 Tips for Making Your Neighborhood Better Jay Walljasper's guide to changing the world on your own block The neighborhood is the basic building block of human civilization, whether in a big city, small town or suburban community.

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How to improve our town
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