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‘Writer for USA Today College’ just one of many achievements for #Bonas journalism major

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Media internships boost staff of Rider student newspaper

The latest breaking news on Odessa NY and Schuyler County, including sports, business, government, and people, with calendar of events and classified ads. In a cathartic chat about internships on Twitter the other day, a group of friends with whom I shared time during a political reporting training program called the Washington Center for Politics and Journalism, recounted the dozens of bloopers that befell us while in the program, which sent us to report the news in different bureaus throughout DC.

After walking through the buildings he designed, it is impossible to imagine a world without them. Place an Obituary; Place a Death Notice ($10/hour) and unpaid (for-credit) internships.

Reporting interns may be called upon to write for any news section of our paper and online sites. And although it might be too early to write journalism’s obituary, it is true that for the newly qualified, workloads are increasing and career prospects are questionable in the face of.

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How to write an obituary journalism internships
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Media internships boost staff of Rider student newspaper | Rider University