Write a program to swap the values of two variables in java

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Java Volatile Keyword

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Most of the answers here aren't quite right.


It doesn't mean or even imply "use the interface keyword" at all. An interface is a spec of how to use something--synonymous with the contract (look it up). Write a Python Program to Swap Two Variables without using Third Variable: Here is a simple line of code that works for you.

x, y = y, x. You can check out the complete program for swapping two values without using a temporary variable. Feb 21,  · That's all on 3 ways to swap two variables without using third variable in senjahundeklubb.com good to know multiple ways of swapping two variables without using temp or third variable to handle any follow-up question.

Swapping numbers using bitwise operator is the fastest among three, because it involves bitwise operation. with the suggestion that the preceding statement be terminated with a semicolon. Some suggest instead the use of leading semicolons on lines starting with '(' or '[', so the line is not accidentally joined with the previous senjahundeklubb.com is known as a defensive semicolon, and is particularly recommended, because code may otherwise become ambiguous when.

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Write a program to swap the values of two variables in java
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Programming via Java: Variables and objects